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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

My second pair of hearing aids came from Hearing HealthCare Associates and they are great! The first pair came from another company in Wichita. I wore them for about 3 years, and they were better than nothing. 

For my second pair, the statement “they are great” is an understatement. I can now hear a clock tick, hear the birds’ sing, and the TV without my wife saying, “You need some new hearing aids because the TV is too loud!” 

The real blessing is being able to hear my grandchildren who are 2 and 4 years old. I had no idea what I was missing! Audibel is a very good product and the service from Lonnie Larson and his associates are the best!

Billy H.

My world has been reopened with my new hearing aids! I can once again hear birds singing, squirrels running on the roof of my house, plus all the sounds that I can hear now are so much crisper. I have to relearn what I’m listening to!

David C.

I have worked with Hearing HealthCare Associates for about six years. As my hearing changed over time, I suspected it was time for a change. After a hearing test and consultation with Lonnie Larson and a hearing doctor, I ordered new hearing aids. Lonnie reassured me that technology has improved dramatically since I purchased my first set of hearing aids.

I’m amazed at how well I can hear now with my new set of hearing aids from Hearing HealthCare. The sound is natural and the background noise is reduced. My hearing aids are comfortable and I can clearly distinguish sounds.

I highly recommend the products from Lonnie Larson. The service received, personal interest in helping me, and the care by Lonnie and his staff are important to the relationship I have with Hearing HealthCare. I thank them for helping me hear what’s going on in the world!

Dick L.

As a past and current customer of Hearing HealthCare Associates for eight years, I feel qualified to recommend them to anyone needing hearing services.

Lonnie Larson is a qualified, knowledgeable, and true expert in his field. He always shows enthusiasm and dedication. Lonnie is very personable and easy to work with. He answers any questions you may have, and never rushed with his clients. Lonnie cares about each and every patient, and makes them feel very important.

Lonnie's staff, Barb and LeeRoy, are also exceptional with assisting patients. My husband and I have had a wonderful experience with not only our hearing aids, but the wonderful service!

Elaine M. - Goddard

Imagine being able to hear better in the car, at restaurants, on the phone and even across the room.  Hearing HealthCare Associates made that possible for me! I have been a customer since 2005, and I just purchased my second set of hearing aids. Hearing HealthCare Associates works with you to make sure that you are getting the most out of your hearing aids. They are not happy until you are. The professionals work with you to adjust your hearing aids to make sure you are receiving the quality sounds and comfort based ono your specific hearing needs. They also have the best prices in town for batteries. Don't wait! Experience the thrill of hearing sounds distinctly. You will be surprised at how much you are missing, and how easy it is to have the joy of hearing back in your life again!

Cindy S.

When I started doing business with Hearing HealthCare Associates, I discovered what real service was all about! Lonnie Larson and his staff were so helpful in finding me the hearing aids that work the best for me. I had tried other hearing aids before, but never received the quality or service that I had gotten from Hearing HealthCare Associates I would highly recommend Hearing HealthCare Associates.

Leroy W.

Conducting business with Lonnie and his staff at Hearing HealthCare Associates, has and will continue to be, a pleasant and comforting experience! My hearing exam that was conducted several years ago was done very professionally. Lonnie answered all my questions in a manner that I could easily understand. I was very pleased with the product that he recommended for me. I know that I can go back for follow-up appointments at any time, and be confident that Lonnie and his staff will be there to assist me. The entire staff at Hearing HealthCare Associates are very personable, while maintaining their professionalism.

Lonnie and his team are the only hearing care professionals that I will ever visit! I trust their judgement involving my hearing health.

Ron M.

My husband Bob has worn hearing aids for years. The service that he has received at Hearing HealthCare Associates has always been the best that you could ask for. The staff is always willing to address any issues that may come up.

We highly recommend Hearing HealthCare Associates to all of our friends and family. Not only do they provide exceptional service, but hearing aids that will fit any lifestyle and budget.

Mrs. Bob B.

Several years ago, at the urging of my wife and our sons, I contacted Hearing HealthCare Associates about my hearing loss. It seemed like my hearing had gotten worse over time, and I started missing out on conversations with my family and friends.

Lonnie Larson and Hearing HealthCare Associates were very gracious and patient in explaining the details of my hearing loss. Their use of modern hearing technology was very impressive. Lonnie adjusted the hearing aids to my satisfaction, and I could hear better than ever! Even now, several years later, Lonnie and his team are never too busy to help me. I can now take part in conversations, and be more involved in my grandchildren's lives again because of Hearing HealthCare Associates.


Mike B.

My granddaughter would climb into my lap and grab my ears, look into my eyes, and say, "Papa can you hear me now?" A creeping silence would become the norm. Realizing something must be done, I began to ask about hearing aids. I listened and took advice from what I saw on TV. I purchased some devices that were nationally known, but I could never get them fitted properly. After a few month, I quit wearing my hearing aids. Luckily a friend suggested I talk with Lonnie Larson about my hearing loss, as she had gone through a similar experience herself. Lonnie fit me with Audibel's latest hearing aids and I immediately could hear the difference! For my follow up visit, I came back and had my hearing aids programmed for my specific hearing needs. Lonnie and his staff were always cordial and professional. I don't shout in my conversations anymore, and most importantly I can hear my granddaughter say, "Papa!" without her holding my ears. Her favorite trick is to come up behind me quietly and whisper, "Papa can you hear me now?" With a smile on my face, I'm able to say, "Yes, I CAN!"

Hugh C.

The knowledgeable staff at Hearing HealthCare Associates has been a great team to work with. Of course it's easy when you have a product such as Audibel's hearing aids to offer to their customers. The new Anthem hearing aids are a remarkable device for my hearing challenges. The staff has always been very helpful, and keeps me updated on all new Audibel products. I've never had a negative experience at Hearing HealthCare Associates, and I can tell that they make their patients feel comfortable with their hearing challenges. Hearing HealthCare Associates is a great company with professional staff, and I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hearing needs.

Diana D.

I have been wearing hearing aids for nearly 15 years and this is my fourth set. I cannot believe how far hearing aids have come. I have visited several hearing aid businesses, and these hearing aids from Hearing HealthCare Associates provide the best clarity! Lonnie Larson and his staff are so patient in fitting and adjusting my hearing aids. They truly want to make sure that I am satisfied!

Doris L.

As a teacher, I have to use communication and interaction with not only my students in the classroom, but in everyday conversations with those around me.

Due to my lack of hearing, I was finding it more and more difficult to understand what was being said. I made an appointment at Hearing HealthCare Associates, and was given an in depth hearing examination at no charge. My challenges were discovered, and the appropriate hearing aids were fitted. It made all the difference in the world! I was able to hear my students, maybe better than they liked, and found it comfortable to be in conversations with others again. I was treated professionally at all times, and never felt pressured to purchase any products. The follow-up care and maintenance of my hearing aids has been superb. I have recommended Hearing HealthCare Associates to several family members, and they too have been greatly satisfied!

Larry R.

I was having difficulty hearing and understanding conversation with my left ear only. This had been developing over several years. My husband was satisfied with his care that he received at Hearing HealthCare Associates, so I made an appointment for myself. I was given a very thorough hearing examination by the manager, Lonnie Larson, at no charge. The results of the test were concerning to Lonnie, and he indicated that my hearing loss should be investigated by a specialist. He made my appointment with the ear specialist who ordered an MRI. Lonnie's decision to not fit a hearing aid at that time was confirmed by the specialist. A small non-malignant tumor was discovered, and with treatment, would not grow any larger. My specialist spoke very highly of Lonnie and his staff. Because of Lonnie's professionalism and concern of the well-being of his clients, I have been able to avoid what could have been very dire if not diagnosed. Thank you Lonnie and your staff!

Mary R.