Untreated Hearing Loss

Our hearing (and sound in general) plays a fundamental role in how we connect to the world around us. Everything from tone to volume to the words we speak informs our brains about how the world is communicating to us. For many, however, untreated hearing loss erodes this vital communication channel, cutting them off from valuable conversations, sounds and experiences. Our hearing healthcare providers here at Hearing HealthCare Associates explain how untreated hearing loss poses a significant risk to your health and safety. Let’s discuss.

Hearing loss and mental health

Did you know? Older adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop problems thinking and remembering. Multiple studies, including a study from 2021 by the NIH, have shown that hearing loss directly impacts mental health. As your brain exerts more effort to receive and process auditory information, it spends less time on other crucial functions like problem-solving, critical thinking and memory retention. The heightened effort required to interpret and process auditory information is called cognitive overload, and over time it can lead to a decline in other cognitive abilities.

Untreated hearing loss and dementia

More importantly, untreated hearing loss increases your risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s. As your brain compensates for your untreated hearing loss, those parts of your brain now receiving less stimulation start to decline. And as total brain activity declines, your risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s increases. But there’s good news! Multiple studies by UCLA, NIH and John Hopkins have shown that hearing aids can help slow the onset of dementia.

Other ways untreated hearing loss affects your daily life

two mature men converse outdoors at a glass-top patio during breakfast


Everyday tasks become more difficult without hearing: holding a conversation, driving and following verbal directions. Without treatment, untreated hearing loss can significantly limit your independence. 

a mature man checks his groceries while loading them onto his electric wheelchair

Physical Safety 

Hearing loss inhibits your ability to hear important sounds like traffic, sirens and verbal warnings. Without your sense of hearing, you are at increased risk of danger both in public and in the privacy of your home. 

a mature woman listens attentively to her junior staffer during wok hours

Home and Work Life 

Being unable to understand people can cause individuals with hearing loss to isolate themselves from friends and family, affect their ability to function in a professional setting and impede important communication. 

Treat Your Untreated Hearing Loss Today

Seeking proper intervention for untreated hearing loss can not only help you reconnect with the world around you, but also preserve your mental acuity. The moment you suspect you or someone you love may be suffering with untreated hearing loss, seek professional guidance at a licensed hearing health clinic.

Here at Hearing HealthCare Associates, we offer FREE hearing screenings to anyone who suspects they have hearing loss. Because hearing is our passion, our focus and our purpose.

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